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Who Are Your Most Valuable Assets?

For many organizations, including nonprofits, employees are seen as another cost to be controlled due to the increase in labor costs year after year. It is not unusual for organizations to downsize, merge, eliminate positions, or replace older employees with younger workers in an attempt to control costs; however, this strategy negates the value employees […]

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Evaluation-free Fridays

Performance evaluation is part of organizational life, and whether formal or informal, it’s an important opportunity to discuss an employee’s merits and achievements with that person. Most employees want to hear feedback from management because they want to know where they stand, how they can improve, and receive recognition for their achievements. Managers should plan […]

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No Time for Turnover

Does your organization accept employee voluntary turnover as an inevitable part of doing business? Sadly, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, large and small businesses alike complain about their turnover rates. They completely miss the point by failing to develop employee retention strategies, which minimize that dreaded turnover rate and affects productivity, morale, and operating costs. Is […]

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Is There Leadership in Teams?

In the 21st century, organizations face challenges that are too complex to be addressed and resolved by a single leader. In this ever-changing business world, organizations have a better chance to succeed when leadership is shared and important decisions are made by people working together in self-directed teams that hold themselves accountable for the performance […]

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