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Confidentiality Agreement

Talent & Management Consulting (TMC) provides management consulting services and talent management expertise to help organizations implement strategies that increase their effectiveness. Services are confidential and personalized support is offered to help business owners, leaders, managers, and team members develop their full potential and maximize their talent.

TMC and its representatives agree to hold in strict confidence all confidential information disclosed during the contractual/consulting relationship to protect the privacy of the client/business relationship and its employees to the extent permitted by law.

TMC acknowledges that client’s information will consist of, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Financial information, business information and trade secrets
  • Employees’ personal information disclosed during the coaching/consulting relationship
  • Recruitment/Hiring information to include candidate’s personal information and inquiries about their past performance
  • Test results on behavioral assessments

TMC and its representatives acknowledge that they will not disclose and/or use confidential information during the consulting relationship and will continue not to disclose any such information even after the consulting relationship is ceased, unless authorized by the client in writing.