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Organization Development


Is your company achieving its goals?

Organization development improves your organization’s effectiveness through planned activities designed to strengthen your organization’s ability to achieve goals and solve problems. Based on humanistic values which support employee participation, engagement, and development, organization development creates work environments where employees can flourish.

Organizational Assessment

In order to successfully navigate change or turbulent times, your business must constantly adapt to its environment. We conduct needs assessments at the organizational, individual, or team level to help identify what factors are affecting your organization’s performance and develop a plan to improve your business and meet your goals.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose190905740

Why does your organization exist? The mission, vision, values, and purpose of your organization defines what you do, what you aspire to accomplish, and what the culture of your organization will be. Establishing these principles reminds managers and employees of the real reason they are a part of your company and helps align everyone to the established organizational values and goals.


Your organization has its own culture or specific ways of doing things, and the culture of your organization is largely shaped by the mission, vision, values, and leadership. While some cultures may encourage collaboration, others may encourage innovation, and it is critical for your leaders to understand the culture of your specific organization to achieve needed improvements.


A planned intervention is a carefully developed set of activities and actions designed to improve different aspects of your organization and facilitate the achievement of your goals and objectives that are necessary to improve performance. The results of the intervention may not be limited to the targeted issues solely; other areas within your organization may feel the impact of the intervention systematically. Understanding this helps leaders better anticipate and prepare for all the possibilities created by the intervention process.

Strategic Planning

Does your organization have its priorities in order? As a business owner, you want your organization to be strategically prepared and quickly respond to opportunities and threats in the ever-changing business world. Having a strategic plan helps your organization define where it is and where it wants to be in the future. You decide where your organization will head in the long-term as you reflect, explore, and craft your organization’s strategic plan.

Change ManagementFotoliaComp_76103945

To be successful and achieve sustainable long-term competitive advantage, your organization must constantly improve itself. The business environment, culture, and technological advances are the driving force behind the increase in innovation, but they can also become your tools to improve. Strengthening your organization is attained by aligning the efforts of executives, managers, and employees as they all work toward the same organizational goals.